Faith, Hope, and Love Remain

Alei's adventures in Ukraine

The Title August 13, 2009

Teaching English as a foreign language and using my training to assist the community explains the ‘what’ of what I’m going to do, but the blog’s title is intended to address the ‘how’ I plan on doing it.  As a paraphrase of one of my favorite verses it should remind me to have:

  • Faith in my ability to help despite overwhelming uncertainties
  • Hope for positive change and empowerment amongst my peers &
  • Love as a guiding principle for each & every interaction

The fact that the phrase rhymes with ‘Alei’s adventures in Ukraine’?  Unintentional, but if you’ve seen any of my family’s Christmas cards you’ll understand why I figured it would make my third grade teaching mom proud.


2 Responses to “The Title”

  1. Mom Says:

    That’s my girl!

  2. Ashley Says:

    We talked about your verse in church yesterday 🙂 oh so many things remind me of you!

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