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Alei's adventures in Ukraine

The Blog August 13, 2009

Привіт!  My name is Alei and I’m a 22 year old from the…let’s say quaint…town of Cary, IL.  After graduating from the University of Illinois in May 2oo9 with a degree in Advertising my prayers were answered & I was accepted into the Peace Corps and assigned a teaching position in a high school in Ukraine.  Umm what?  I know it seems like an irrelevant and kind of oddball choice but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do & now seems like a pretty good time to jump in without anyone dependent on me.  I’ve been so abundantly blessed &  tend to fall very readily into the trap of focusing on my little world, so I’m looking forward to the prospect of getting outside of my comfort zone &  seeing life from a different perspective.  I’m hoping to share some of what I’ve been given in order to help a community in need & I imagine that there are lessons in store for me that just can’t be found in a lecture hall.

With that in mind, this blog is a way to chronicle a life-long dream as I spend two years & three months abroad.  I’ll (hopefully) update it regularly with my Ukrainian anecdotes, pictures, and videos (assuming that I’m able to figure out my fancy-pants video camera Christmas present in a 2 year time span 🙂 ).  Also, based on the fact that visits home were pretty much a monthly necessity in college I’m guessing that the whole Atlantic Ocean buffer is going to hit me hard so please, please feel free to use this to update me on your life as well.  Thanks, a.k.a. Дякую, and enjoy!


One Response to “The Blog”

  1. Cindy Smith Says:

    Hey Alei,

    Great pics! It’s good to see where you actually are now. I think reality set in for me when I saw your kitchen. I promise never to complain about my kitchen again.

    You seem to be adjusting to your “new family life” and continue to be open to your adventure.

    Ashley and I went down to Illinois State University to watch the girls win the state championship! It really was a thrill! We are now headed to your old stomping grounds this weekend to claim another state championship for CG!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    Cindy Smith

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