Faith, Hope, and Love Remain

Alei's adventures in Ukraine

Balllin July 18, 2010

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Very quick update as I wait for my 16 hour train ride to my third camp of the summer.  After the gloriousness that was Europe I strategically planned to fill up my time bouncing from one camp to another which has proven to be great for fending off the post-vacay homesickness but not so hot as far as living out of a suitcase for a solid two months is concerned.  Especially considering the last camp I was at involved 10 hours of playing baseball in the hot Ukrainian sun without washing my clothes….ever.  This might be the time to take a minute to  feel a little bad for the people that have to sit next to me on the stifling train until tomorrow morning.  On the bright side, summer in Ukraine is beautiful, camps involve abundant opportunities to talk English to awesome volunteers & Ukrainian kids alike, my team (The Cherries…not even my suggestion) won the baseball championship,  I convinced my sexist coach that even girls can throw a fastball & my next camp is in a vacation area which will hopefully mean internet as well as beach access.  More to follow?

Miss you (& summer in Chicago) very much & hope you’re enjoying summer too!


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