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Trick or Treat? November 6, 2009

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So guess what I was for Halloween.  Give up?  Quarantined by the Ukrainian government due to the Swine flu epidemic.  Oh and Halloween apparently lasts for three weeks.  My costume is adorable & includes a mask made of gauze.  Welcome to my world.

Now please don’t worry, we’re actually not in danger at all & I hear that the Swine is much worse back at home but Ukrainians really don’t like sickness so they take overzealous precautions.  Case in point…due to the H1N1 outbreak in Lviv (12 hours away from us) our schools have been cancelled for 3 weeks which means we have a 3 week respite from lesson planning to learn this crazy language with our new & amazing teacher.  It also means however, that I have to start my mornings and end my nights with a full shot glass of onion juice soaked with a little bit of honey.  As you can imagine, I smell great. 

We did have an adorable little Halloween party w/ my other trainees complete w/ pumpkin carving.  Apparently cows eat pumpkins here so we regularly stumble upon huge piles of them.  I miss you all a ton and caramel apples were not to be found but it did make the first holiday away from home a lot more bearable.  I hope you all had wonderful holidays too 🙂

We’re in Kyiv now at the Peace Corps office so I am off to hopefully find a workout video in Ukrainain but I think I’ll have internet access again tomorrow & can be more thorough.  пока!


5 Responses to “Trick or Treat?”

  1. Judy Baker Says:

    Hey Alei, Glad to here you’re adjusting to life in Eastern Europe! I still can’t imagine what it is like to have no one speaking the same language around me. And I’m sure you can’t even find people there who can fake a little English… It’s fun to read your posts!! judy baker

    • aleicook Says:

      Hi Mrs. Baker,

      Sorry for the delay; I thought I had already responded. I’m glad you like the posts but being here has made me realize just how amazing all of the work that Will has done is. I’m a constant struggle & that’s with running water & readily available grocery stores. I hope you’ve had a great holiday season & please know that your family is in my prayers each morning.

  2. Ashley Says:

    Wow Alei, Onion with honey is odd even for you… 😉 Be safe! Miss you!

  3. Alei,Funny My Mom use to give us chopped up onions with honey when we were kids for colds. Must be a holistic remedy in European countries. Sounds like things are going well. Went for a walk with Mrs Klein and your Mom today so I found out about your blog. Take care and don’t drink to much onion juice.

  4. Nicole Says:

    Oh my gosh, Al, I did not see this. I am so sorry. Ughh. That type of thing never has good timing. 😦

    Please rest up over there, okay? Praying for your health. I’m sure you’re fine now but gah I swear my heart dropped to my stomach when I read that!

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