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Alei's adventures in Ukraine

At Long Last October 22, 2009

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I was finally able to load my early posts onto a computer so sorry for the confusion but the three previous entries are from about a month ago (oy) when we first arrived.  Quite a bit of reading material so I’ll be brief today, but I would like to point out that I’ve been upgraded to a bathtub with warm running water 🙂

Now if I could only figure out the language… To give you an idea, today we translated the following sentence: I sometimes habitually go and return from the museum on foot.  Shoot me.


4 Responses to “At Long Last”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Last night I woke up at like 4am after this dream: I was visiting you in Ukraine (that was good), and you were showing me what you do there….You were doing these intricate trampoline routines, which you were supposed to then teach to the nation. That’s all there was to it. Not sure if that’s better or worse than the habitually going and returning sentence (which i’m still trying to figure out what you are saying there…)

    Apparently a Ukranian in Cirque de Solei recently died during practice, so I’m thinking that’s what inspired this (fortunately you were more successful at your accomplishments). I’m thinking this dream is NOT prophetic…

    Miss you tons. Lots of love!

    • aleicook Says:

      I wish you could see the havok you’ve just wreaked. I’m in the internet cafe dungeon surrounded by prepubescent Ukrainian boys intently involved in a World of Warcraft tourney & I’m laughing my head off at your vivid dream. Once I’m over the embarassment I’ll start my search for a trampoline because frankly (Guish!) I can’t think of a more noble cause.

  2. tricia klein Says:

    I am glad to hear you have been up-graded to a warm bath in a actual tub. How often are you going to the disco? Can’t wait for you to teach us all on Milford St. some new dance moves!
    Have fun and be safe!!
    Mrs. Klein

    • aleicook Says:

      Hi Mrs. Klein,

      Thanks so much for reading/commenting. It really means a lot and I love the visual of a Milford Street discotheque. I’ll start planning but in the mean time I’m guessing Luke could make up some pretty comparable moves for you. Also tell Mike I say congrats & express my appologies for my creepy friends cough*ColleenMeaghanMaher*cough.

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