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T Minus One Month August 26, 2009

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It’s here; the official one month until departure date.  To celebrate, well at least recognize, today as the beginning of my last thirty-one days in the States let’s just take a look at where I’m at in the whole prepare-for-two-years-in-a-foreign-country task.

Things I don’t yet know:

  • The specific area (oblast) where I’ll be staying
  • Whether I’ll be going it alone or living with a host family for two years
  • Whether ‘outhouse’ and/or  ‘bucket-shower’ will become new staple vocabulary in my personal hygiene routine
  • How to communicate effectively in Ukrainian or Russian
  • If an ‘Alei’ can exist in Ukraine (from what I can tell their alphabet doesn’t have an ‘a’ as in ‘apple’ sound)
  • How on Earth I’m going to get by w/o talking to my family & friends regularly
  • That this list could go on for a depressing amount of bullet points

Things I know:

  • How to say “Wouldn’t you like to have lunch with me?” and “I want to buy a CD” in Ukrainian
  • How to type the Cyrillic alphabet on my new little baby netbook: жчуцфйб,   ен?
  • That I’m going to feign vegetarianism

Oy vey.  I hope this is a productive month.


Hello world! August 13, 2009

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